Sodality of Our Lady

Our Sodality is primarily a religious and parochial organization. Our loyalty is to the Blessed Virgin Mary and to our Parish. The object and purpose of this organization is to lend itself to the spiritual devotions and any enterprise. Our enterprises are connected with necessary funds for the Church and are involved with the liturgy, parish and any other fund raising organizations. Members participate in meetings for two hours per month and have the option to choose from 10 to 12 ministries within the organization for additional volunteer opportunites. 

Sodality of Our Lady has the goal of providing two major fund raisers each year (Fall & Spring) to help our Parish Community in raising funds to be used where needs are more great. 

Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month from September to June in the Joan Wedgwood Center. 

Please contact Laurie Reger for more information.