Holy Name Society

Holy Name


“That in the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those that are in heaven, on earth, and under the earth..” Phillipians 2:10

The primary objective of the Society is to beget due love and reverence for the Holy Name of Jesus Christ  and God.

The Holy Name Society of St. John Vianney (a men’s organization) began under the Pastoral leadership of Father Bud Dietzel. Norman (Frosty) Waldmiller was President from the inception until his passing in November 2012. Our current president is Ed Orrange.

We meet on the first Tuesday of the month, at 7:00 p.m., in the Joan Wedgwood Center.  The meetings are shorter than one hour. Refreshments follow.

We are engaged in many activities that help the parish; e.g. Lawn Fete, decorating the Church for Easter and Christmas, and much more.

We welcome NEW  ideas to help the school, and the church, but we need your attendance.  Please join us.

For more information, contact ANY of the following officers.
President                         Ed Orrange             674-0468

Vice President                Tom McNichol          675-0431                        

Treasurer                         Tom Kraus              675-8271

Secretary                         Joe Ciminelli           675-0427      

Sgt. At Arms                    Alan Welch              674-0468


Holy Name Society provides many benefits

For many years the Holy Name Society has been a very vibrant Catholic society and it is still TODAY.

The Holy Name Society is a spiritual confraternity within the Catholic Church for lay people, religious, and clergy.

Its main mission is to promote devotion and reverence to the Holy Name of God and Jesus Christ His Son, to help members grow in holiness and obtain their personal salvation.

Its benefits are many, including growing in faith, spirituality, receiving graces and blessings, fellowship, and sharing in spiritual riches of the Catholic Church. Members become better Catholics, family members, neighbors, and citizens and practice the corporal and spiritual works of mercy.

In the Gospel John, Jesus talks about how the Good Shepherds walks ahead of his sheep, leading them and caring for them. Unlike a hired hand, the shepherd feels a close bond to his sheep, to the point where he is willing to lay down his own life for them.

It is within this parable, that Jesus tells us that he Himself is the Good Shepherd, and the One who loves us and lays down His life for us.

Holy Name men are asked to go out and work hard, and build a wonderful and loving relationship with families, relatives, friends and others. Members are also asked to protect God’s Holy Name and to show reverence to Him at all times.

It is with this in mind that Holy Name members are soldiers and followers of Jesus Christ, just as His disciples were. They went forward to bring many closer to Him through teachings and love.

This is our call, and it is a challenging one. Yet in the mist of this challenge, it is  wonderful to know that Jesus is always with us, feeding us and helping us fulfill the call.

Become a member of the finest Catholic men’s society and help spread the word to young and old alike.