4/25/2020 Letter from Fr. Mark

Dear Friends,

This week we will flip the page in the calendar and begin the month of May, a month that is specially dedicated to Our Lady, the Mother of God, Mary Most Holy!

As a parish family, we’ve been praying the Rosary together every evening at 8:00pm, from wherever we are. Some also pray it at another time of the day, which is 100% great!  This effort has enabled our whole parish to be a part of praying together, and that is awesome!  

If you aren’t already joining us in praying the Rosary at 8:00pm or at another time during the day, I invite and encourage you to give it a try. Mary is a loving Mother, who has the ear and heart of her Son and is ready to petition her Son on our behalf. A special addition we are making to our Parish Rosary effort is that for the entire month of May, every evening at 8:00 PM, parishioners will lead us in the Rosary live on our Facebook page. Our Facebook page is public, so you don’t have to be a regular Facebook user to join in. Just go to our website and click on the link to our Facebook Page. We hope that you will join us.

Two other ideas to keep Mary close during this month:

- Create a small prayer space (this used to be called a “May Altar”) in your home that includes a statue or a picture of Mary, some flowers that you pick from your yard, your Rosary, etc. 

- Begin the process of making a Marian Consecration. I recommend using the book Preparation for Total Consecration by Fr. Hugh Gillespie and reading St. Louis de Monfort’s great work, True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. I think that’s the best pathway for this awesome consecration! 

St. Louis deMontfort says that “Mary is the safest, easiest, shortest and most perfect way of approaching Jesus.”

Let’s keep praying for one another during this Holy Season of Easter. 

Peace and gratitude -

Fr. Mark