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Blessing of the Backpacks
Sunday - September 3, 2017 at 10:00 mass


For students in all school districts (catholic, private & public) backpacks will contain work to be done, work that's been returned, books to be studied and tools to complete homework. Notebooks, pencils, pens, protractors, compasses, crayons, rules, scissors, glue sticks and other items used for school work will find their way in and out of their backpacks.

Some days, so much stuff will fill their backpacks that the students may find it difficult to walk. Other days, they will be light and nearly empty. But on each and every day, these backpacks represent work required of the students.

And, as in every aspect of our life, we will bring these backpacks before God for a blessing on Sunday, September 3rd at 10:00 mass. We hope you are able to join us with your child's backpack for this special blessing at the start of the school year.





 2017 St. John Vianney Lawn Fete
Thursday July 20th - Sunday July 23rd

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Confirmation Candidate Christine Jerome was confirmed here at St. John Vianney on
Sunday, June 4th, at the Feast of Pentecost 


Catholic Biblical Studies 2017 Graduates
Sunday, June 4th
at St. Mary's of the Assumption in Lancaster
Susan Herr, Terese Pitrelli, Laurie Reger and Fr. Bob

Catholic Marriage
Patrick & Lisa Skinner