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St. John Vianney Roman Catholic Church

Welcome to St. John Vianney

Mission  Statement

We are a Roman Catholic community.  We are inspired by the example of St. John Vianney to build up the Body of Christ.  We are fed by the Word and Sacraments to proclaim the Good News of Jesus, to serve one another as Jesus did, and to invite others to join us in the mission of  Christ.

Vision  Statement

We seek to be a place where Jesus is known, not just known about; a place where anyone can belong and anyone can make a difference.

You enter this church...not as a stranger but as a guest of God.  He is your heavenly Father.  Come, then, with joy in your heart and thanks on your lips into His presence, offering Him your love & service.  Be grateful to the strong ones, who in the name of Jesus Christ, built this place of worship , and to all who have beautified it and hallowed it with their prayers and praise.  Keep in mind our founders who under the leadership of Mgsr. Edmund J. Dietzel saw a bright future for the people of West Seneca & Orchard Park.  Ask Gods blessing on those who love his house of faith as the inspiration of their labor, rejoicing in the power of the Holy Spirit.  And may that blessing rest on you, both on your going out and your coming in.

School Open House

catholic schools

SJV School Open House
Where Faith and Knowledge Meet
Sunday, January 25, 2015 from 11am-2pm
Children's Mass at 10am

Catholics Come Home

In December 2014, the Diocese of Buffalo will launch the Catholics Come Home campaign. In the first six years, Catholics Come Home messages were aired as TV commercials in 37 dioceses, and nationally, reaching 200 million viewers, and helping lead hundreds of thousands home to the Catholic Church. Visit Catholics Come Home to see for yourself, or watch the video below.

Many of us know of family and friends who have drifted away from the Church. The great majority of those who leave do not leave because of a disagreement over church teaching. The initial separation is most often caused simply by the busyness of life. And many do want to return, but they feel embarrassed, and wonder if they were really ever missed. In fact, the reason most often reported by those who choose to return is simply, “I was asked.”  Who do you know that has simply drifted away? Who might be waiting to hear that invitation from you?

This Christmas Season we will have an opportunity to let the hope of Christmas shine bright. Each parish will be equipped to welcome Catholics who come home. 

Mass Times

Regular Mass Schedule
(daily times may change based on school days and holidays - please reference the calendar for specific details)

Daily Mass



8:00am, 10:00am & 12:00 Noon

Office Hours

Monday - Friday
9:00 a.m. - noon
1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Other times by appointment

Rectory Telephone 716-674-9133
School Telephone 716-674-9232
Family Faith Formation (Rel. Educ.) 716-674-9145

Parish Calendar

NOTE:  Times noted may include set up & clean up and may not represent the true start/end times of the event/program.  Click on the event for event details.

Ministry Schedule

Ministry Schedule

Ministry Schedule 12/27/14-2/1/15

If you are unable to fulfill your assigned ministry, it is your responsibility to find a replacement.


Feasibility Study - Ruotolo Associates

Since its founding in 1958 St. John Vianney Roman Catholic Church has grown and now includes approximately 3,000 families. In addition we are fortunate to have St. John Vianney School, grades Pre-K through 8, which just celebrated its 50th anniversary. Enrollment has risen five years in a row and the school currently has 290 students with exciting potential for the future. We are proud that our school has been ranked by Business First as high as the second best elementary school (public or private) in Buffalo.

There are unique opportunities for us as a parish family and School in the next few years. After prayer and consideration, parishioners, the Parish Vitality Committee, Father Bob Gebhard, Principal Colleen Politowski and parish staff have identified ideas for possible expansion of parish ministries and renovation of facilities in order to provide ample space for ministries, education, meetings, and gatherings. While physical buildings do not make a parish they are essential to fulfilling the mission of Jesus Christ by welcoming, supporting and guiding all through prayer, sacramental celebration, service and education.
Parish Staff along with parishioners have been reviewing facilities and faithfully exploring issues such as the current usage of our parish facilities and the growth of our parish ministries. During this process they realized that there is so much more that we must do to maintain and improve our facilities in order to serve better the spiritual and human needs of our Catholic Community. As a parish family we want to begin to focus more on elements of worship, education, faith formation and fellowship.

Our ideas now are conceptual in nature and will be more clearly defined by the feedback from parishioners in this Study. However, if we are to grow together as a parish and school, then we must create an environment for our community that will welcome all of us, provide the space needed to gather in the service of our community, and support continued growth in ministry from the youngest to the oldest parishioner. Proposed plans would include a new parish center with renovations to the school and rectory. In order to undertake these projects, the parish would conduct a capital campaign.

Thank you to those able to attend the presentation on December 6th and 7th by Ruotolo Associates.  For those unable to attend, Ruotolo Associates has provided a pdf of their presentation with some comments to help understand some of the information on various screens.

Click here for the Parish Presentation by Ruotolo Associates