1st-5th Faith Formation

FAITH FORMATION 1st-5th (Schedule at Bottom)

We have a hybrid "flipped classroom" approach here at St. John Vianney. That means that for "homework" each participant completes a chapter of an online textbook at home each week (usually about 20-40 minutes), and the weekly in-person sessions with the catechists focus more on interactive and engaging activities and lessons to help instill the faith and make connections with other children and parishioners.

While a wholly online experience of Faith Formation is discouraged, accomodations can be made if necessary. Please contact Brady with any questions about the program or it's requirements.


Sundays 10:30AM - 11:45AM in Saint John Vianney School

            Children can be dropped off to enter through the main entrance

            Please do not drop children off sooner than 10:15 AM

            Parents/guardians come into the building and sign their children out of their classes (unless permission has been given to send them out of the building by themselves.

One Sunday/month is a Family Faith Formation Day (same time)

Children go to usual classrooms 

Parents go to the gym for a parent faith formation session

Ongoing faith formation for the parents is at the heart of faith formation, and critical to the sustained faith in our families. Please try to make time to stay during these monthly workshops. 

Each student completes one chapter/week from mycatholicfaithdelivered.com

When you register your child with the program, you will be sent the login information directly from My Catholic Faith Delivered. (It sometimes goes to the Spam folder, so be aware of that.) For this year, there was no schedule of finishing chapters

            Link: Parent Walkthrough Video

Attending Sunday Mass, Holy Days of Obligation, and keeping days of fasting and abstinence are expected of each participant in the programs.

They don’t have to attend Mass here at SJV, but they must physically be in attendance somewhere each week.

Bishop Fisher has lifted the dispensation from having to go to Mass, which means that the Catholic faithful are obliged to personally be in attendance each Sunday (or Saturday Vigil). The standard caveat applies, that if there is a grave reason to miss the Sunday Liturgy (childcare issues, illness, transportation, etc.) then it is acceptable to not be there. Otherwise, it is imperative to be at Mass. Sports events, concerts, vacation, and extra-curricular activities do not constitute grave reasons to dismiss ourselves from the Sunday Obligation. Not only is every Sunday a Holy Day of Obligation for us, but it is in the Mass itself where Jesus forms us in our faith more than in any other situation on earth. The faithful of all ages need to be there because as much as we can know about who God is and what he does for us, he simply wishes us to bring our weekly sacrifices to him and love him back. Children, in this formative time, especially need our witness of putting the sacred mysteries as an immovable priority above everything else, and to grow in our love and devotion to the inestimable goodness that God showers on us at every Mass. 

If families are traveling, we have the blessing of having Mass available to us just about wherever we go in this country. There is a handy online resource for finding where and when the Mass is happening, that can be found at masstimes.org. You can enter your location and find where the closest Catholic Churches are and what times they are offering Masses.

Standard rules for days of fasting and abstinence should be kept in each family, (though most of these apply to children age 14 and older). Keep an eye on the bulletins for information about when these times and seasons are happening.

The children who have received their First Reconciliation should attend the two parish penance services each year. One is during the Advent Retreat and the other is during the Lent Retreat. Those who cannot attend must find a time for their children to partake of the Sacrament of Penance at least once during the seasons of Advent and Lent.

Monthly Children's Mass

This is where we have one group of faith formation children help with the readings, intercessions, offering of the gifts, and greeting at one of the Masses. We are done with these for the 2021-2022 year, but they will be rescheduled starting in the Fall.

Protecting God's Children

In addition to all this, we are in compliance with the Protecting God's Children protocol. This involves vetting all volunteers, ongoing training, and teaching one lesson per year at an age appropriate level to the children (called Empowering God's Children).