Protecting God's Children

Child Protection/Safe Environment Lesson

Every Parish in our diocese must complete the Safe Environment program, Protecting God's Children, and then report our compliance back to the diocese.  Below you will find the lesson plans for various age groups.  Pleae download and review the lesson plan that is age appropriate for your child.  Then discuss the safety items which range from stranger danger for the littlest ones to internet safety for our middle schools to healthy reationships and boundaries for your pre teens/teens.  Once you have completed the activity please sign the form (also attached below) and return it to the Faith Formation Office.  It is not necessary to do everything exactly as the lesson plan lays it out but please have the appropriate conversations with your children to cover the material.  If you need any assistance or resources please don't hesitate to call Mrs. Golinski at the office.  


Safe Environment / Protecting Gods Children sign off sheet

Age 5-7

Age 8-10

Age 11-13