Families Sharing at Home

Families Sharing at Home 2017-18 (changes are being made to this program for the 2018-19 school year.  For more details please see our brochure under the registration tab on the Faith Formation page)

Families Sharing Faith is an at home program where 3 families come together as a small group.  They meet 8 times during the school year to complete activities together (see below).  The days and times for these gatherings are set by the group and occur between September and April.

In addition to these gatherings each family completes age appropriate weekly lessons as well as a simple monthly family activity.  The group gatherings, weekly lessons, and family activities, together complete the diocesan curriculum directives.  

This program is recommended for families who are unavailable for Sunday morning gatherings due to sprots, family custody situations, or work commitments.  


Clink on this link to download the Instuction and Forms for this Program


Lesson  Lesson 

Creed-What we Believe


 Sign of the Cross Lesson

Sign of the Cross Worksheets

Sacred Scripture-What we Believe

 How to find a Passage in the Bible

 The Bible (for younger children)

What is the Bible (for older children)

Sacraments-How we celebrate

The Seven Sacraments Directions

Game Board



 Bread of Life

Liturgy-How we celebrate

 Things in my Church  Liturgical Calendar

Conscience-How we live

 When Kids Lie  The Ten Commandments

Christian Living-How we Live

 Clip A Blessing  Pride vs. Humility

Prayer-How we Pray

 Hand Prayers  When I'm Disappointed

Catholic Church- How we Live in the Community, the Church

 Building a Church  Communion of Saints

Ecumenism-How we Live in the Community, the Church

 Body of Christ  People who are Different

Catholic Principles and Relationships-How we live in the Community, the Church

 Living Water  Overflowing Blessings

Vocation-How we Live in Community, the Church

Cards Activity

 Vocations Lesson 2 Cards
Catholic Social Teaching- How we, as Individuals and Community, Live in Service to the World  Feed the hungry  Caring for God's Creation

Inter-Religious Dialogue- How we, as Individuals and Community, Live in Service to the World

 People who are different  The Golden Rule

Missionary Vocation- How we, as Individuals and Community, Live in Service to the World

Eyewitnesses to Jesus- The Loaves and the Fishes

 Prayer and Action Sheet

Eyewitnesses to Jesus-Simon helps Jesus carry his cross 

Prayer and Action Sheet