Protecting God's Children

Mandated Curriculum for Children & Teens

All parishes and Catholic schools are required to provide age-appropriate training to children on the topic of sexual abuse awareness. The Diocese of Buffalo has provided sample lesson plans for your use and adaptation. These samples provide the age-appropriate learning goal, although teachers may use other strategies. 

To review the complete sample lesson plan, you may go to the Life Long Faith Formation section of the Diocese of Buffalo website.

Grades K-2 Ages 5-7 Objective: To help children distinguish the difference between good and bad (appropriate or inappropriate) touch. To affirm a child’s right to say no to an adult who makes them feel uncomfortable.

Grades 3-5 Ages 8-10 Objective: To help children recognize the lures/tricks used by some people who make children feel uncomfortable, fearful or that can hurt them. To give children strategies for keeping from being tricked into uncomfortable and dangerous situation.

Grades 6-8 Ages 11-13 Objective: To help youth recognize lures used by those who sexually victimize others via the anonymity of the Internet. To give young teens skills to avoid being victimized by Internet sexual predators.

Grades 9-12 Ages 14-17 Objective: To help teens to set appropriate boundaries in their relationships with both adults and peers. To develop skills for addressing situations where boundaries are crossed.